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Friday, September 27, 2019

Quote of the Day

“It is all built on relationships, but without rules and limits to guide those relationships they will tear you down.”

Quote of the Day - manage relationships

Thought of the Day

Balanced Life Comes from Balanced Relationships

We are designed to be in relationship. We are created for relationship. Everything worth doing and worth being is founded on relationships.

But when relationships dictate the journey, then we have handed the relationships control and those very relationships we are designed to be in will crush us under their weight.

You have to find your balance – and it is a place only you can define.

It’s not always easy to make the right choices, but if you weigh the options and map out a plan you will be one step closer to finding peace in those choices.

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Measure the Relationships

Take a few moments to measure who is in your life, why they are in your life, and how you feel about the connection.

Make a plan for moving forward.

Daily Challenge - measure the relationships

Scripture Focus

Jesus said, “I have come that you may have and enjoy life and you may have life to the full and overflow.” – from John 10:10

Scripture Focus - John 10:10

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Today’s Growing HOPE broadcast

23 – A Budget for Relationships

It is ALL about relationships. Everything worth doing and worth being is founded on relationships. But relationships can be a double-edged sword because relationships running out of control will run you over.

    You may not call it a budget, but when it comes to balancing relationships, you can follow the same five actions we’ve been taking with setting budgets for the rest of the areas of our lives.

  • Test your relationships. Make a list of the people actively involved in your life and how you invest in those people and with those people.
  • Evaluate the results. Think about each of the people on the list and how the relationships make you feel or where they move you.

  • Adjust the expectations of those relationships – and do your best to expose the expectations on both sides.

  • Set new parameters for your relationships or set your relationship budget. Make a plan for how you will move forward in what you want and what you need with the relationships (and also what is expected).

  • Review and adjust as necessary. Seasons change and situations change so be willing to make adjustments as the changes occur.

We are made to be in relationship – but without management the relationships can run over us.

Growing HOPE daily - quote make a plan for relationships
Growing HOPE daily - quote - evaluate relationships

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