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Taking Little Steps to Make Big Changes

Life seems to get in the way of the pursuit of my goals. Even when I have a great plan and fierce determination, life can cause a hiccup (or a sneeze in this case). I plan on big things and big changes, and find myself slowing down, shuffling along in little steps, or worse, up against a wall of “you can’t do that today.”

The fuzzy head and tickle in the throat declared things were not as they should be. My body had been giving me signs for several days. I chose to ignore them or managed to misinterpret them and I saw the mess looming on the horizon.

I woke up knowing that I was sick but not sure how bad it was (until I tried to get up and function). Every movement made my head spin. I attacked back with the normal remedies and even added in a few additions that had fallen into my lap in the last few weeks.

Crawling back into bed for the day was what my “feelings” told me to do. It sounded like a good plan. Rest up. Feel better. Fight on in the new day.

My bed beckoned and I complied with its calling. I had the energy to set up my computer to check some emails and messages. That was when it showed up – as it often does. The little word of encouragement that I needed to do more than I thought I could do – than I had convinced myself I was able to do.

My friend, Natalie Cone, shared

You conduct yourself as a representative of your brand. It changes the game when you change your perspective.”

She changed my perspective. That change gave me the fire for the attack and I jumped up to get going. My spinning head reminded me that sometimes what I want to do, or what I know to do, may not be what I can do. It is in those moments that I have to focus on doing what I can do until I am in a position to do more.

Taking the Little Steps to Do What I Can Do

  1. Modify the actions. I started watching (and actually doing) some kickboxing videos at the first of the year. At one point the leader showed what she was going to do next and I laughed because I knew that no matter how much I wanted to do the exercises on the video that my body would NOT agree to what she was showing. I modified the move to be in balance with where my body was at the moment. Modifications don’t mean that I stop, they just help me keep going in some little way.
  2. Be okay with the little bits. I had every intention of tackling this week like a boss. I even had plans not to wait on others but to just get going. I can’t do it. I can barely get up and go right now and plowing through the chore list is not possible. Staying in the bed and writing a few words is a different story. Even feeling as loopy as I do I can find a way through one sentence at a time – and one sentence added to another eventually adds up to a whole story.
  3. Do something. The more obstacles in the way the easier it is to make up a reason to not do what needs to be done. Doing something, even a little something, will move me a little closer to where I want to be – and sometimes that something makes room for me to do even more.

It has to be done – it just doesn’t all have to be done at once. I build my brand with consistent steps, sometimes just little steps, that I take one at a time.

Be blessed,

# # #

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