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How Little Bits Help You Choose a Better Attitude

Choose a better attitude to have a better day. Little bits add up. Little bits of negatives or little bits of positive. You have to make the choice in which direction you will invest – and the choice you make will literally change your world.

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Daily Inspiration and Encouragement

March 3, 2020

Daily Dash of Twisted Encouragement

Choose a Better Attitude

The morning did not start the way I expected. That’s how it often works. You think it’s going to be this way and then you are sideswiped or blindsided or thrown into the ditch – sometimes because you made a choice that got you there and often by no choice of your own.

However you get there, you are in a place you did not expect to be.

I sat there in my unexpected trying to figure out what was next. The information in front of me was clearly not true but the person giving me the information fully believed that it was true. The more we talked the more she revealed that it wasn’t true despite what she would add.

With each passing moment, I got more annoyed. How could I see it – in black and white no less – and she refused to accept it.

More likely, she made the intentional choice not to acknowledge the truth because it didn’t go along with her script. This is what it is because this is what I’ve been told to say.

It’s exhausting to face something you know isn’t right or isn’t true but to know there is no way around the moment.

You have to choose to endure or fall apart.

In the middle of it all, someone shared a post on Twitter. “The right attitude makes all the difference. Determine to never give up and you will find a way to get there.” I rolled my eyes at the words – not because they were wrong but because they were mine. I had posted the comment a few days back and it was being shared.

The only thing worse than hitting an unexpected bump is to have an unexpected reminder come at you in the middle of it from your OWN WORDS (it only gets worse than that when it’s your child that repeats back something you have said just when you need to hear it the most).

Attitude. My attitude going into the situation did not have anything positive in it. The conversation came after a series of unfortunate events – or the results of the chickens coming home to roost. I entered the conversation from a not so good place and the results were (not surprisingly) not so good.

And then I made an attitude adjustment. I accepted that she believed what she said despite the contradictions she offered. In that acceptance, I was able to make a small shift in my attitude. I won’t say it shifted to a positive attitude, but at least I was moving towards neutral.

It’s amazing what even a little shift can do for your attitude. And when you begin to make the investment to choose a better attitude it begins to change everything else.

Choose a Better Attitude

If you want to choose a better attitude then you have to find a way to focus on better things. It may not seem like your choice when things are happening around you or to you. Despite how it looks or how it feels, it is always your choice.

  • Find something better. Make the intentional choice to find something . . . ANYTHING . . . that can turn your attention towards the better. As long as you focus on the thing that is causing you the issue then you will stay stuck in the issue.
  • Quit repeating the problem. When things happen to you through no fault of your own (and sometimes even more when it is through a fault of your own) then you want to vent. The more you vent, the more it stirs up the problem. The more you stir up the problem the harder it is to tear your focus away from the problem. As long as you focus on the problem you will block the potential for solutions to appear. Shift your focus from the problem and you will begin to choose a better attitude in the moment.
  • Do something. Make progress on something even if the something you choose to do has no connection to the issue you faced that made things go off the rails. Progress creates momentum and momentum makes room for more progress.

It’s not much, but it’s a little bit. Often all you can do is a little bit, but a little bit begins the process. Moving a little bit away from a problem focus moves you a little closer to a possibility focus. The investment in little bits gives you the momentum to choose a better attitude for the day.

How do you choose a better attitude?

Make a Move to Choose a Better Attitude

The right focus will make it easier to choose your better attitude. Join the #WhiteBoardofWorldDomination system to set up a foundation that will create the balance you need to make the choices right for you.

Challenge for Intentional Actions

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Choose a Better Attitude

Find something better.
Quit repeating the problem.
Do something.

The more you focus on the problem the bigger the problem becomes. When you shift your focus to something better then you allow progress to begin replacing the problem.

Quote of the Day

“Little bits add up. Make an investment in a positive little thing.” – Kathryn Lang

If you want to make a big difference begin by focusing on a positive little thing. The little bits will add up and ultimately change your world.

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What Others Say

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Scripture Focus

Today’s Readings:

Acts 3
Romans 7 – 9
Hebrews 5 – 6
Matthew 7 – 9

Scripture Focus - romans 8:6

Scripture Focus:

“To be fleshed purposed is death. To be Spirit purposed is life and peace.” – Romans 8:6

Ponder Point:

The world wants you to believe it’s difficult. The world works hard to convince you that is a challenge. The Word says it is a simple as choosing flesh or Spirit.

Share Moment:

How do you make the Spirit choice your default selection?

Study Question

Dig in deeper to the Word to grow a closer relationship with the Word.

The Old Testament reminds us that it is a choice between blessings and cursings. In the New Testament, the idea is repeated as a choice between life and death.

If the choice is simple then why do we make it so complicated?

Bible Study Questions - simple choice between life or death

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