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How Focus Can Create the Change You Desire

Until you have the focus to create the change, you will continue to be distracted by the nothings. Until you determine to make the move, you will be stuck where you are.

Nothing changes until something changes. Knowing this simple truth of change makes the difference. You have to choose to do something different if you want something different. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

You can want change. You can plan change. You can envision change. And you should do all of those things. But until you put purposeful action behind any (or all) of those, you won’t have change.

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Daily Inspiration and Encouragement

March 4, 2020

Daily Dash of Twisted Encouragement

Make the Choice to Create the Change

My flower gardens brought hours of delight. My mother would drive over to walk with me through the flower beds when different seasons brought different blooms. When she was no longer able to walk through the two acres of gardens, she would drive through and still enjoy.

Friends, family, and even strangers stopped in to admire the flower gardens and usually left with a few prizes to plan in their own gardens.

One year, I didn’t work in the gardens. I had been out of commission for several weeks and by the time I got back to garden working form, the weeds had their roots firmly established.

“I’ll get it next year,” I promised myself. How much worse could things get in one season?

The next year, I started early and worked consistently – even if it was only a little bit at a time. The weather warmed up, and I continued to invest my little bits of consistency.

And then I dug up a yellow jackets’ nest. In case you are wondering, they do NOT appreciate it when you dig up their nest. I was fortunate that the morning temperatures remained low enough for the displaced yellow jackets not to respond as fast as they might have otherwise. I managed to get away with only one minor sting.

A week later, I moved to a different part of the flower garden to begin my little bits again. The first clump of grass I turned over had a wasp nest built in it. I should have taken the sign and headed in for the day. Instead, I moved on, determined to get more done.

I put my pitchfork in the ground, right into yet ANOTHER yellow jacket nest. In the warmth of the afternoon, my fate was not as fortunate as it had been the week before. Before all was said and done, I had shed all of my clothes as I ran from the demonic stinging creatures.

I’m almost certain I didn’t step foot out of the house the rest of the summer. “I’ll start earlier next year.”

I did try to start earlier, but the first sound of buzzing sent me scurrying for cover. I didn’t want a repeat of the year before. I put off the majority of the gardening for another year . . . and then another.

I longed to have the gardens from the years before, that enticed friends, family, and even strangers to take a stroll, but all I could see were the many weeds (and the potential hiding spots for yellow jackets).

I wanted but I wasn’t willing to do to make it happen. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to want to do but the fears and the apprehensions managed to come up with more excuses than my “want to” could overcome.

Until I made the choice to start, I never was going to get closer to having what I wanted. Last year, I started. I only got a small portion of the flower gardens cleared, but it was a little bit more than I had the year before. This year, I’ve already begun the process of retaking even more of the flower gardens.

You can have the change you desire. You can live your BIG DREAMS. You just have to make the choices required to begin stepping into changes that will create the change you desire.

Creating the Change

You will always find a reason not to do something even if you know you need to do the something you invest in not doing. You will also always find a way to get something done even when you know there is an excuse nearby.

Choice remains the key. You have to make the choice for creating the change if you are going to keep the focus you need to pursue your unique design.

  • Focus on the positive possibilities. Whatever you give your focus you give control of your day – or at least of that moment. Give the power to the positives and see how they drive you closer to your BIG DREAM life.
  • Take a deep breath. When fear does jump out and scare you, take a breath before you run away screaming. It may be the buzzing noise is a yellow jacket or it may be the stupid stink bug that snuck in the house while you weren’t looking.
  • Make action a priority. If you don’t make it important then you will default to a reason not to do it. Determine to make what you do more important than anything else and nothing else will hold you back.
  • Focus on the little bits. Every journey begins (and continues) with one step. If you keep your eyes and attention on the one-stop – that one little bit that you can complete today or in this moment – then a little bit at a time you get closer.
  • Keep believing in the dream. Do what you need to do to hang on to the dream. You have to have a foundation belief – a deep down in your knower king of knowing – if you are going to find the steam to keep going when the going gets tough.

You have to make the choice if you are going to make the change. Fear will try to paralyze you. Distractions will attempt to distract you. Most of the time it will be you standing in your way.

No matter what the holdup, it is up to you to choose to keep going so you can create the change.

How do you focus on your doing what needs to be done so you can create the change you desire?

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Daily Challenge - create the focus

Focus to Create the Change

Focus on the positive possibilities.
Take a deep breath.
Make action a priority.
Focus on the little bits.
Keep believing in the dream.

You have to do something to get something. You have to choose change to create the change you desire. You have to stay focused if you are going to stay on target.

The choice is yours!

Quote of the Day

“Invest in focus to protect against being distracted by nothings.” – Kathryn Lang

Do nothing and nothing will change in the direction you desire. You have to make the choice to do something and to focus on doing that something until you get there.

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What Others Say

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Scripture Focus

Today’s Readings:

Acts 4
Romans 10 – 12
Hebrews 7 – 8
Matthew 10 – 12

Scripture Focus - Romans 11:29

Scripture Focus:

“For the gifts and calling of God are not withdrawn by God.” – Romans 11:29

Ponder Point:

You are designed on purpose and for a purpose. If you are not living out your purpose then it is because you have made the choice to step out of the path and not because God has withdrawn His design from you.

Share Moment:

Think about a time when you knew for certain you were walking in the purpose and design God has for you.

Study Question

Dig in deeper to the Word to grow a closer relationship with the Word.

God says he will be with you always. He will never leave you nor forsake you.

How does that knowledge settle it all?

Bible Study Question - God is with you

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