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Getting Past If Only Make a Way to the Possibility Living

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Daily Inspiration and Encouragement

January 20 , 2020

Quote of the Day

“Don’t allow ‘if only’ to become the excuse to hold you back.” – Kathryn Lang

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Moment of HOPE

Getting Past If Only

There will always be a reason – a reason to move forward or a reason to not move. “If only” can create one of the most powerful reasons for not moving. Those two words, put together, can allow you to put off all responsibility and at the same time to release all possibilities.

If only I had started earlier.
If only they had chosen me.
If only I had more.

I have been giving in to the “if only” as of late – maybe not outright, but in little bits. Each little bit of give then digs me deeper into the current position.

I don’t want to be here but so far my want hasn’t ignited my will to the point that I might actually do something about it. And I have to do something if I want something done.

It’s simple, but it is so much easier to settle back on my “if only.”

You have to push past if only to create the path to your possibilities. Until you determine to make that move, you will remain where you are.

Push past the “if only.”

  • Accept the past. Things have happened. What has happened will never be able to dictate what will happen unless you give it the power over your life.
  • Accept the moment. Things are happening. Life goes on – whether you are excited, frustrated, happy, or sad. It’s going to happen so accept it instead of fighting it.
  • Accept responsibility. It’s only you. Only you can move you into your success and only you can hold you back.

It is up to you. You can get there, but you will have to be determined enough to leave the “if only” behind.

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Daily Challenge - past if only

Push Past If Only

Accept the past.
Accept the moment.
Accept responsibility.

Acceptance breaks the hold of the “if only” moments.

Scripture Focus

Scripture Focus - Psalm 97:11

Today’s Readings:

Exodus 10 – 12
2 Samuel 5 – 8
Job 39 – 40
Jeremiah 11 – 14
Psalm 96 – 100

Scripture Focus:

“Light is sown for the righteous – for the one right with God – and gladness for the upright in heart.” – from Psalm 97:11

Ponder Point:

We walk in light and we walk in gladness when we make the choice to walk in obedience to God.

Share Moment:

Think of a time when you had a covering of light or gladness because of a choice for obedience.

Study Question

Can you be walking in trust if you are not walking in obedience?

Bible Study Question - walking in obedience

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