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January 17 , 2020

Quote of the Day

“Your uniqueness is your competitive advantage.” – Kathryn Lang

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Moment of HOPE

You Are Unique

You are unique and that means that your path will be unique. You can learn from others and you can watch how others go, but you will still have to walk your own path to get to your unique destination.

Not only are you unique, but it is that very uniqueness that gives you the competitive edge. You can do things in a way that nobody else can. You are the only one completely qualified to fulfill your place and design. Therefore, you are the best you for the job.

Be that best you.

It’s easy to get tangled in the nets of the gurus and experts – after all, THEY are the gurus and experts so THEY should know better.

And they may know better – for the journey they are on. They do not know better for you because they are not you and they will never be in a position to walk out your journey.

It can be easy to turn to others to give you the answer you need. We are told that it is all about relationships so the relationships should be the key.

Relationships are vital. Relationships will hold open doors of opportunity. But nobody other than you has the key to your success.

It will be a little bit scary stepping out into your unique journey, after all, it is the road less traveled. Your path is a place no one has gone before. It is the true final frontier and you are the only one with the ability to discover what lies ahead.

Dare to take your unique journey and discover all the wonders it holds. The uniqueness of you will allow you to stand out from the world.

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Daily Challenge - competitive uniqueness

Competitive Uniqueness

Make a list of all you can do.
Make a list of all you know.
Make a list of all you have experienced.
Let the lists help you embrace the uniqueness of you.

Scripture Focus

Scripture Focus - Psalm 84:11

Today’s Readings:

Exodus 1 – 3
1 Samuel 25 – 28
Job 33 – 34
Jeremiah 1 – 2
Psalm 81 – 85

Scripture Focus:

“The Lord is a sun and shield for me. The Lord will give grace and glory to me. The Lord will not withhold ANY good thing WHEN I choose to walk with Him in complete obedience.” – from Psalm 84:11

Ponder Point:

God wants to bless us. God has made the way and set the path for you to live in His blessings. The only thing left is for you to choose to walk in obedience.

Share Moment:

What are you doing to walk in obedience? Are you trying to walk a line of ALMOST obedient?

Study Question

What are some of the foreign gods in our lives today?

Bible Study Question - foreign gods

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