Freelance Writing Basics – Tools to Help Your Career

It is always nice to uncover some great ideas, tips or materials that can help you launch your freelance writing career. I have found several over the last few months and I thought I would share them with you.

Top Picks for Freelance Writer Resources

    • Writers Market Online – It is nice to have the book as well, but this internet tool makes it easy to uncover magazines that are bent towards your voice. Many of the listings have links to the magazine’s online site so that you can read the magazine BEFORE you submit a query.

    • Writer’s Digest – this is a great magazine for experienced or beginning writers. It also offers a website that includes a e-newsletter, online classes, workshops and books that are available for writers to improve their skills and expand their genres.

    • “Writer Mama” by Christina Katz – this is a great book for ANY writer (mom or not) with tips on finding your voice and focusing in on markets. She also has a website just for the book at called Writer Mama. Christina put out another book to help writers develop their platforms (if you don’t know what that means then you might want to get the book) called “Get Known Before the Book Deal.”

    • The Writer is another magazine that offers great advice for writers in all genres. It includes a market section that offers some possible submission sites. The “Workout” section can be great inspiration for those days when your muse refuses to dance or can serve as homework for your writing group.

The best tool for a writer is one that is used. All the books, magazines, conferences and classes will do you know good if the information is not put into practice. Find some tools that you enjoy and put them to work for your freelance writing career.

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