For Dad on Father’s Day

This is the day that I try to remember all of those special moments. The times that were just my Dad and me -without a brother to be found. It is then that I realize how truly blessed I am to have a dad that was a parent, a mentor and now a friend.

Tips I Learned from Dad about Parenting and Life

    1. Make time for each child no matter what your schedule. Every Saturday my dad took me out for an early breakfast up at the state park. The tradition slowed down as I grew up but he began meeting me once a week during college for a meal. It was a time for us to share our lives, our thoughts and along the way our spiritual walk.

    2. Spend time listening. Each outing with my dad I was free to talk (and I’m VERY good at that). He rarely added a word unless I was looking for his advice. More often than not he served as a sounding block to give me the chance to work through life alone – but with a watchful eye.

    3. Share the Word. My dad often shared teaching tapes and other information that he was listening to or reading that was helping with his own spiritual walk in order to assist me in mine. He also encouraged me to ask him questions and to ask others questions when it came to the Word. He helped me develop a hunger for the Truth.

    4. Pray daily (sometimes hourly). Every morning my dad gets up and spends time reading his bible and praying. I have caught him at this more than once but he has also shared with me about his “quiet time.” I know that he is praying for me and the comfort of his prayers is sometimes the added life preserver I need to get through situations.

    5. Expect change. There was a time when I was my daddy’s little girl and in his heart I will always have that place. Over the years our relationship has been allowed to grow and mature as we each have grown and matured as Christians. Now we pray for each other and together – but I still call my daddy when I need encouragement, advice, comfort, support or a listening ear.

The best part about looking back on my relationship with my dad is that I can see beyond the mistakes into the love. I can also choose the good things that he did to emulate in my own parenting journey and let any negatives fall into the rocky ground where they can not take root.

Thank you Dad for all that you have done for me over the years. You have helped me to grow into my walk and my purpose and you continue to help me in that path each and every day. Know that this Father’s Day you are in my thoughts and prayers but more importantly each day you are in my heart and an essential part of my life!

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