Choosing Blessing or a Curse

I found a friend today. It would be more accurate to say that I refound him, since only the connection had been lost. Life came along, and we both went separate directions. Facebook brought us back together.

Just seeing the smile of my friend and remembering the support and encouragement he always sent my way was enough to make me want to take on the world this morning. That smile gave me the added oomph I needed to get moving again. There are some friends that can give you that special boost even when it is just a thought that crosses your mind.

Finding my friend might not have happened without the internet. I have seen him once, in passing, since we first parted ways. We exchanged numbers, but I have long since lost contact with him. The internet opened a door that might have otherwise remained closed.

Technology can be such a blessing. It allows me to work from home. Technology gives me the opportunity to do the thing that I love to do. And technology allows me to stay in touch with friends, even half-way around the world, at the touch of a few keys.

Technology can also be a curse. There will always be a television show that calls out to me, or a social media site demanding my attention. Technology can eat away at any time that it might save and then it starts in on the rest of my time as well.

Finding the balance of my life means making choices. I can choose to let the technology be a distraction, or I can choose to use technology to improve my life and make connections that might otherwise be missed.

What choices are you making that are blessing or cursing your life?

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  • I’m trying to find that balance, too. With almost everything. I think most everything is just that — a thing. It’s us who often makes them good or bad.

    This gave me a lot to ponder today.

    • It seems that the more I learn the more everything comes back around to my choice – do I choose to make this a good thing or a bad thing? Do I choose the road less traveled or the beaten path? Do I choose to see your side of the issue or force mine?

      Thanks for stopping by and giving me more to chew on myself!