Choosing Freedom – A Weight Loss Challenge

Last week I determined to live in the freedom that God has granted me. This means choosing the right way instead of the easy way. I got up Monday morning and I worked out for 30 minutes. I got up Tuesday and worked out for 45 minutes. I continued the schedule (alternating between 30 minutes and 45 minutes) for the whole week. At this point I am concentrating on aerobics exercising and getting my heart rate up.

I also have been keeping up with my eating – only eating when I have a physical growl in my stomach and trying to stop before I’m satisfied (think “first date” eating). I have had a few slip ups along the way but things are feeling good!

This morning I got on the scales – I usually way on Wednesday but the scales were already out so I thought “why not.” The number on the scale was higher than it had been on the previous Wednesday. It was frustrating! Then I remembered how I started my week.

I am FREE! Christ came to earth to deliver me. I am FREE!

I can choose to live my life as a free woman or as one locked into the weight, the scales or the calorie charts. So I pushed the scales away and reminded myself that I will make good choices today. I will work out so that my body is fit and healthy. I will eat when I am hungry and stop when I am satisfied so that my body has the right amount of fuel to power me for the day.

The weight is coming off. The inches are falling away. Putting in the effort and knowing that the results are coming is my part and the rest was accomplished on the cross. I will not live a life of bondage any more.


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