Doing More Helps me Do More

The more I have to do then the more I can get done. It seems strange almost, but the more responsibility I have piled on my shoulders then the more tasks and chores I can complete in one day. The only thing that I can figure is that the pressure to do more keeps me from wasting the limited time that I have.

Time management is one of those things that I struggle with day in and day out. I know the hows and the whys but I just can’t seem to push myself to actually do them. So I end each day a little farther behind than I was at the beginning.

Unless someone else – outside my normal realm of responsibility – needs my attention. It’s then that a wonder woman appears and more gets done than I would have ever imagined possible.

Why Responsibility Breeds Organization

My father in law had shoulder surgery and can not use his right arm. It is now up to us to make sure that his home gets clean, his meals get made and that he has someone around to help him out.

  1. He is unable to fix meals for himself. I will have to plan out meals so that I can be sure he gets something that he likes and will eat at a time when he will eat it.
  2. Someone will have to be with him for most of the time (or at least while he is taking pain medication) to help him get around and ensure that he adheres to the requirements of the doctor. It will be up to me to plan my day and my children’s day so that he has company but is not overwhelmed.
  3. My husband feels an obligation to be with his dad for most of the time. I will have to carry the burden of the children’s instruction and activities for the time being.

I am being pushed – but it is only in things that I already know to be doing. It seems that if I am not forced to do what I know to do then I become complacent and NOTHING gets done. I can do it all, the all that I have been called to do anyway. I have to quit sitting back and forgetting my purpose, my passion, and my goals!

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