Change Comes in One Day

Every habit I have was formed with one simple choice.  Each day, I must choose to do what is right until that choice becomes a lifestyle.  I read that concept this morning in “The Frazzled Female” by Cindi Wood.  It struck me more than anything else I have dealt with this week.

It is just one choice.

All the things that I do in my day and in my life come down to one choice.  If I make the right choice often enough then it become a habit.  If I make the wrong choice (and it takes much less time for this) it will become a hindrance.

I’m reminded of a forty challenge that I once took.  For forty days, there were tasks that I set out to do – like give something away, say something nice to someone, do something nice for someone, read the bible, etc.  At the end of the forty days, I was not as focused on myself as I was when the challenge began.  There were also several new habits in my life.  Instead of just walking through the day, I was looking for ways to serve God.  That was a major change, and it happened one day at a time.

What are you willing to do today that will make you a better person and a better reflection of God?

Speak kind words

Take a walk instead of watching TV

Play a game with the kids

Send a note to friend

Visit a neighbor

Let someone else go in front of you

Just for today, choose to make your life better.  Tomorrow will take care of itself.

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