Budgeting for a Writer's Income

Very few writer’s have stable incomes – the kind where they get a specific amount every week or every month. Instead, the income is based on the number of articles that are written and sold (and sometimes when those articles are printed). It is still possible to budget for such and uncertain amount of money.

    1. Establish an emergency savings account. Before you dive into a full time career as a writer, you have to set back some income. You want at least three months of must pays (mortgage, utilities and insurance) set aside for any months where the paychecks are lean.

    2. Get a month ahead. You want to have next month’s money in your checking account today. Instead of paying your bills from the paychecks you are getting in, those monies will go to restore the reserves in your account (this is separate money from what is in savings).

    3. Set you budget so you know what income goal you must reach. Be sure to include savings AND taxes (about 28%) in your figures. Once you reach that income goal consistently for six months you are ready to be a full time writer.

    4. Cut back on your unnecessary spending. It may be easier to go to the local burger place and get supper, but it will cost less if you take that 30 minutes and fix a meal.

    5. Save the bonuses. Any thing that you make over you monthly needs should be placed in your emergency savings account.

Making a regular income from any freelance job is not easy. At times it can be scary – because the check might be in the mail, but you don’t know when it’s going to arrive. You have to plan for the lean times and aim for the high times. Hard work, persistence, and a thrifty nature will help you reach your personal, financial, and literary goals.

Kathryn Lang

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