Write with Passion

Writing comes naturally to some people. I can write almost as easily as I can talk – and trust me when I say that talking is NOT a problem in my life. Some of the things that I write just to write (or for work) are pretty good. But good will not catapult me to the top of my niche.

Writing must be extraordinary to stand out in this electronic age where words crowd every aspect of our lives. The best way to reach into my heart and pull out my extraordinary writing is to find a way to write with passion.

Discovering my Passion to Write

My husband asked me what I was passionate about and I told him that I was passionate about helping others discover their passion. He tried to argue that can not actually be my passion but he ran out of his allotted day’s worth of words before I did so I won the argument by default.

He is right – but NEVER, NEVER tell him I said that. My true passion is helping others discover a life of peace and joy. Passion is only a part of that journey. Unlocking passion helps people make choices about family, career and even church that guides them to peace and joy.

Writing about things that offer the encouragement or guide to passion, peace and joy gets me excited and fills me with warmth from inside that then pours out with each word that I write or type. It is when I write with this passion that I can reach through and touch the hearts of others with my heart.

Tips to Find Your Write Passion

  • What are the things that truly get you excited – a warm, bubbly excitement that you must share with others? When I read an uplifting story or hear a song that just makes me bounce I have to share it. The same goes for bad jokes, but that is another story. The idea is that the things that lift you up and encourage you and excite you are the things that drive your passion.
  • What are the things that you are still reading, learning or studying? Your interest or lack of interest will dictate your enthusiasm for the subject.
  • What are the things that you enjoy doing for others? At the heart of passion lies service and how you serve others will reveal your passion.

  • Each journey to passion will be individual but each journey to greatness is driven by passion. Discover your passion for writing and unlock your potential for the extraordinary.

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