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Finding a Perfect Love

Most women are looking for that perfect man to love them and take care of them through out life. The other day the lady that leads our Tuesday bible study shared a list of the character traits of that perfect love. I was blessed to recognize early in life that there was only one that I could truly expect to love me in that manner and over the next several days I hope to share the perfect love aspects of God with you.

Perfect Love Trait #1 – God is a Gentleman

There have been men in my life that demanded things go their way. I even had one who invited me to go golfing with him and his grandfather but then informed me that I would have to “walk behind the cart” because a woman could not ride in the cart with them. There were some real duds in my life!

God never tells me to take a back seat. He is just the opposite. He calls me to join Him and then tells me that He will do most of the work. My part is completed when I come along side and join Him where He is.

Recognize that God is a Gentleman

    1. God opens doors for me.

    2. God waits for me to stop speaking before He speaks. He never interrupts.

    3. God does not yell but speaks in a small, still voice.

    4. God draws me and encourages me but He never forces me to do anything.

The acts of a Gentleman have always been soothing for me. It could be my southern upbringing or the movies but gentlemanly acts make me feel special. Knowing that the Ultimate Gentleman is courting me brings a smile to my face that goes beyond any physical feeling. Do you feel special when someone treats you special?

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