You are the Missing Link

Missing Link

The Scripture I read this morning reminded me that it all came through God and remains only in and through God. I speak often of the fact that God is my provision. Sometimes a job is the conduit of that provision. Sometimes other people are the conduits of the provision. I still needed the reminder of the origin of the provision no matter what the conduit.

“It was God’s hand that saved us. It was God’s arm that protected us. The light of God’s countenance leads the way. God favored us.” From Psalm 44:3

I had to go back and read it again. I needed more reminding. It had been a tough few days. The things that I had planned had not worked out in the way I had planned. The things that I expected had not been revealed in the way I expected. The Scripture did what I needed. It reminded me again that it is not about me and what I do, but it is all about God. And no matter how it looks for me or to me, God never fails me. I just have to be where he tells me to be, doing what He tells me to do and He does what He says He will do – ALWAYS and WITHOUT FAIL!

I picked up our budget and reviewed it again. I knew something was missing. I knew something was off. “You are the missing link.” It was not God’s voice, but the robot from the Dr. Who episode that I heard in my head.


I like to think I am doing all that I can do. I like to believe that I am fully committed and focused. I like to imagine that it has to be something other than me. Reviewing the budget and then reviewing my own timeline, I know that I am capable of so much more than I am doing.

Making More of Me

    1. I can watch less T.V. I have only seen one show in the last seven days. The world has not come to an end. My world is better for the absence and distraction. Letting go of that habit has made it possible for me to find more.

    2. I can live without social media for hours at a time. I remained mostly unplugged all weekend. Hackers did not take over my accounts. I found more opportunities for real-life interactions because of the lack of time eaten up by the unplugging. Letting go of that need to stay on-line made it possible for me to find more.

    3. I can get up earlier. I got up early for almost a full week during a recent event. I had to. I have gotten up at other times when the “have to” was the driving force. I have gotten up consistently the week since the event (making that two weeks of consistent rising). Letting go of the need to stay up to all hours and getting up early on the flip side has made it possible for me to find more.

My doing does not make things happen. My doing does not make God do things. God does what He promises. I have to know the promises. I have to do what I know. My doing simply gets me to the place of those promises. If something is missing, it is my doing that is the missing link.

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