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31 Day Challenge – Day 20 Beginning to See the End

Twenty days of doing the same thing every day. Twenty days of checking each item off even when it meant staying up late to get it done. Twenty days of putting my head down and pushing through.

It feels good to build consistency in my life. The different things are not yet a natural part of my day – I do have to think about them. But my hope is that after another month of the same I will do them all without thinking about them. These habits will be so much a part of my day that I will have trouble sleeping if they are not done.

The more I do these 14 things then the easier it is TO do them. I do them because I know I need to do them and not because I expect any return or particular results (other than being more consistent in my doing).

I was thinking about my list and I realized that all of the items are positive ones. There is not a single “will not” or “don’t” on the entire list. I think that has also aided my consistency. Doing things as opposed to NOT doing things makes consistency easier and keeps me focused on the positives in my life instead of my negative.

This 31 Day Challenge is something that I want to make a regular part of my day. It helps me to stay moving and not stagnant. It keeps me focused on the doing and not the results and reporting to you keeps me accountable to the doing.

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