10 Simple Steps

KISS Away the Clouds – Lighten the World in Ten Simple Steps

I live in a bright world filled with rainbows and lollipops (and kittens for my friend Mandy). The overwhelming negativity in the news, on social media and most every place I have turned has made staying in my happy space a bit difficult as of late.

This morning, I realized the problem. Like most things in this life, the simple has been made complicated. The basic has become difficult. The original rules have been compounded, twisted, and expanded exponentially until they are out of reach.

Now that I know the issue, I also know how to get back to my world of rainbows and lollipops. It will only take a little cooperation on your part, but it will be worth it. If we can all just strip out the complicated and keep it simple again, it will lighten the world.

10 Steps to Lighten the World

  1. Everyone must be judged as an individual. No more R’s, D’s or I’s. No more denominations. No more boundaries. If you are unable to stand on your own convictions then you need to step aside until you can.
  2. Every election must have a cap for spending. Each group or individual can raise as much money as possible, but everything over the cap must go to pay off the debts of the government for which you are running. Anything above the debt ceiling goes to the next level of government. The money raised is only for the current election cycle which can begin no sooner than six months before said election. If a woman can plan a full wedding in six months then election cycles should not need to be any longer.
  3. Government speech is immediately outlawed. Talk plain. Tell it like it is. Explain, in as few words as possible, just how you want to spend the people’s money – and remember that it is the PEOPLE’S money and the government works for the people.
  4. Each issue stands alone. If it is unable to stand alone then it needs to be set aside and worked on until it can stand alone.
  5. Term limits are effective immediately and retroactively. Nobody can be grandfathered in or exempted. Once you reach the limits, you must immediately pack your bags and return home to live under the rules and regulations that you set.
  6. All retirement plans are removed for those that serve in public office. It is called service for a reason.
  7. All media that do not approach a story according to basic (in the beginning) rules of journalism – who, what, where, when, why, how, facts, figures, without opinion or slant – must go to the back of the class. Any repeat offense will result in suspension.
  8. The past shall remain in the past. After decades of living, most everyone has a skeleton or two in the closet. They are in the closet for a reason. Leave them alone. Mud-slinging will result in immediate suspension for all involved.
  9. You have to read before you can sign. It is basic knowledge that you never sign what you do not read. That should be true across all lines. If you have not read (and there will be a test) then you do not vote (or sign). If not enough have read for a vote to be held then the item will be set aside until there are enough that have read it.
  10. No new laws can be passed until all current laws are enforced. If there is a question about a law then that law should be addressed and renewed or removed before moving forward with new laws. When it comes to laws, more is not merrier.

These ten steps will lift the clouds. These ten steps will get things back moving in the right direction. These ten steps will help to lighten the atmosphere and the world. It is not about party lines. It is not about conservatives or liberals. It is about stripping out the rhetoric and making it all simple once again.

Be Blessed,

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