Selling What You Write

Being a successful freelance writer is a bit like being a good salesman. There are tips and techniques you can take from the sales world and apply to your life as a writer. For most of us the goal is to make a living doing what we love and enjoy and all the help we can get is beneficial for that end.

1. Get your leads. Although many people can “break in” with the big print publications, most writers will not. It is far better to weigh your weigh your possibilities and chose those publications that print a high percentage of unknown and unagented writers. Most of this information can be found in the latest edition of the Writer’s Market.

2. Be passionate about the product. Believe in your ability to write well on the subject and to give a fresh voice to the publication. If you believe in you then it will be projected to the editor through your words.

3. Always be honest. If you are more concerned about closing the deal than you are about being sincere, it will show. In the end it will hurt your credibility in the industry and your ability to compete in the market place.

4. Keep on keeping on. A no is just a way of saying try another tactic. Look at rejections as challenges to improve and tweak your skills. Keep submitting and writing and learning if you are serious about a freelance career.

5. Network with everyone and everywhere. You can never know where that perfect connection might be hiding. Take time to attend local meetings, writing conferences and even books signings or readings by other authors. The more you know the farther you will go.

Just these few tips will help you develop your freelance career. Keep in mind that there is only one way to develop a career in writing and that is to write. Everything else is just marketing tools and techniques designed to help your career along.

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