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Positive Attitude vs Pessimistic Position

This house holds two polar opposites. I swing to the sunny side of street and he . . . well, not so much. Over the last several years I have started to see some of the distinct differences in the way that the positive nature and the pessimistic (negative) nature look at the same situation.

Differences between Positive and Negative POV

  1. Positive people see a cup and appreciate the amount of water that is in it no matter how much.
    Negative natures see a cup and wonder who took the rest of their drink.
  2. Positive people see the sun shine and blue sky and know that it is a perfect day to get out and play.
    Negative natures immediately worry about how hot it’s going to get.

  3. Positive people feel the rain and are grateful that the plants will be watered and the dust will be knocked down.
    Negative natures watch the rain and complain that they will have to mow again because the grass will grow.

  4. Positive people rejoice in the idea of company because it means a chance to visit and catch up.
    Negative natures mourn the idea of visitors because it means cleaning the house and entertaining and then cleaning the house again after everyone goes home.

  5. Positive people appreciate the coming storm for the cooling breeze.
    Negative natures predict that the storm will bring nothing but damage and troubles.

  6. Positive people see the things that they do have and that blocks out the view of the things that they do not have.
    Negative natures see all the things that they do not have and have a hard time glimpsing the things that the do.

  7. Positive people start a job and are excited at the prospect of beginning.
    Negative natures are so focused on the outcomes that they do not even know the journey has already started.

  8. Positive people hear the chaos of a full home and relish the music that comes from it.
    Negative natures hear the noise and think that if the house was just bigger then they could go somewhere that they would not have to listen.

  9. Positive people never fail because they see a stumble as a chance to try it a new way.
    Negative natures never succeed because they forget that the only way to fail is to never try.

  10. Positive people live each day with hope of a cool breeze, a burning sunset, and filtered dawn and good company.
    Negative natures live each day grasping at problems, troubles, complaints and woes.

It has never made sense to me that anyone would CHOOSE to live in a negative nature. Being a pessimist is just not part of my genetic makeup. But I have more appreciation for the struggles and challenges since marrying one from that side of the street. My only hope is that hanging around my good, positive and uplifting nature will eventually pull him over to the sunny side of things!

Which side of the street do you hang out most days?

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    • I’m beginning to think that this is one of the ways that God balances out the universe. The more people I share with the more I discover that in each home there is a pessimist and an optimist. The key to survival is finding other optimist support until the pessimist in the relationship can get it right. 😀