Make Money with Freelance Writing

Every writing conference I have ever attended was weighted down by people who wanted to be able to make a living writing. I am one of those people. I choose workshops and events that are going to help me increase my productivity in the marketplace. It is possible to make a living while freelance writing. It just takes persistence and patience.

1. It takes time. For most freelance writers, it takes about a year to establish a regular client base. Either stay in your regular job until you get to that point or else have a one year reserve of cash in your savings to live off of until you get your base established.

2. It takes creativity. Most writers start out writing “when the inspiration hits.” Working freelance writers have to make the inspiration happen. Writing is the best way to make that happen. Write something – anything – to get the juices flowing and you will be amazed at how inspired you come.

3. It takes consistency. Working for you can make it easy to procrastinate. All that accomplishes is keeping you behind. That means writing every day for a given amount of time – like any job. Working daily on projects will give you ample time to do other things (and even take on last minute projects that will often pay much more).

4. It takes diligence. Freelance writers have to continually search for writing opportunities. Look through the many writers’ websites and blogging sites that are available. Apply for new projects at least once a week (if not once a day). Don’t forget about print work either – continue to query print publications on a weekly or daily basis as well. The more work you seek then the more work you will find.

5. It takes skills. Continue your writing education by taking courses or classes in a genre that you are not skilled (grant writing or poetry or any kind of writing you might find intriguing). Even if you never use the new genre to make a living, the new skills you acquire will help you where you are.

6. It takes balance. You HAVE to budget you money when you are a freelance writer. You never know when the next check will arrive in the mail and you have to be in a position to live until it does arrive. Before you even consider a life of freelance, learn to live off the smallest budget you can physically manage (because there are likely to be months where that will be your life).

Freelance writing is just like any other job (except you don’t get a salary or benefits or paid vacation time). You have to work at freelancing to be successful. You have to plan for your career in order to make a life out of it. But the most important thing you have to do to be successful in freelance writing is to WRITE.

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