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Evaluate the Moment to Move On to Your Hope

Evaluate the moment, so you are positioned to make the most of where you are and with what you have. If you are looking for an excuse not to, it’s there. If you’re looking for a way to get it done, it’s there as well.

What you look for, you will find, so look at your moment and find your hope.

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I had a plan.

How many of us have started a perfectly good day, week, or for that matter, year with the idea of a plan? We may have taken the time to map out a plan on paper or a #WhiteBoardofWorldDomination.

I started my month with a plan. Construction could have knocked it off course. Instead, I determined to make the most of little bits of time. It even worked in my favor because the #GrowingHOPE broadcast stays around 3 to 6 minutes (which means the compilation of shows creates a 20ish minute podcast).

This week, I had a plan. I hear you laughing – and I know it’s at me and not with me (okay, maybe a little with me). The email from the school explaining Thanksgiving break was being extended to an earlier day – like this past Monday – tried to knock me off focus. I embraced the little bit method even more and kept on keeping on.

I wish I had been this determined before. Choices I made (or didn’t make) left me behind the eight ball on many circumstances. But we all know I can’t change those choices. I can learn from them, and I like to think the little bits of consistent focus I’ve plodded through these last weeks is proof that I’ve learned.

Evaluating your moment is about learning and moving and growing – from right here.

Steps to Evaluate the Moments

First, look at where you are. Where you are right now is your starting point. Take notice of your location (physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually).

Second, look at what you have. Figure out what you have to invest in what you want – be it finances, time, energy, or stuff. Defining what you have moves you one little bit closer to take the purposeful actions to get there.

Third, look at the people around you – in your immediate circle and your online connections. Everything we are doing and building begins in the relationships we’ve created. Make a list of who you know and what they do.

Fourth, look at what you want. You’ve defined your heartseed, but how does that look moving forward from here? Can you get there from here, or do you need to go a little bit to the side before you can move on to there? Evaluating your current haves and your future wants will guide your next step.

Finally, look at what you’re willing to do. If you are going to make changes, you’ll have to make choices. You can’t do what you are doing and go to somewhere other than where you’ve gotten. In other words, you’ll have to give up some of what you’re doing to make room for what you want to do.

You have now to create a world of possibilities. Invest some time and energy to look around you and see all the amazing options you have right now, where you are. Open your eyes to evaluate the moment, and you may be surprised at the treasure trove of tools you have waiting to be implemented.

Quote of the Day

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When you set your sights on your unique possibilities, then it becomes easier to set aside expectations. The #WhiteBoardofWorldDomination process offers eight steps to help you create your way.

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