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The Twists Make the Difference

It is all in the perspective. Building a successful writing career has required me to look at things from some very unique point of views. I no longer wait in the doctor’s office, but I have a moment to compile ideas form print publications (or I look through magazines to spark post ideas). A little flip in the perspective can open up a world of opportunities.

Not long ago, a news story ran about our rural community. The rest of the area cringed at the news. Letters to the editor poured in and the local leaders took to the soap box to declare the error. I smiled. Hearing that Guntersville, Alabama had been declared the sixth most dangerous city in Alabama actually made me smile.

According to the story, the information was compiled from a list provided by the FBI. I know that the leaders were concerned about the tourism dollars that might vanish with the news. I just thought about the new pitch I had for my novel series – Big Springs:

Big Spring Novels – RUN and WATCH – Based on the not-so-true and not true stories from the sixth most dangerous city in Alabama.

They saw the problems – I chose to see the possibilities. It was the same information, just seen with a different twist.

The twists allow me to write about things that might seem ordinary to the rest of those looking on. The twists allow me to find hope and peace despite the circumstances around me. The twists make the difference.

People ask me all the time where I get my ideas for what I write. I smile, look around, and shrug. If you do not see it then you do not need to be writing. My life abounds with chaos – home schooling my three sons, a husband that I work with, a father-in-law just across the yard, three dogs, two cats and the list goes on. I once fought the chaos and tried to make my work “orderly.” And then I twisted my perspective and gave into that chaos so that I could find my own unique path.

Today I am blessed to share over at the 10 Minute Novelists, a little more about how I find my ideas to write and what they become when I pursue those ideas. Just like the news article about the dangerous city list, you can see anything if you are willing to let your imagination run free.

My sons have insane creative natures, and I mean insane in a good way. I began to play off their ideas and even their dialogue when I would write. I took the concept to the next level when I let them actively participate in the process of creating “Mystery Rock.”

Read the full article over at 10 Minute Novelists

Twist your perspective – even just a little – and you can change your world.

Be blessed,

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