Bold Actions Defeat the Scary Unknown

Finding the Ways for Going Boldly into the Unknown

The unknown can be a scary place – even when that unknown only exists in cyber space (or my mind). Fear does not have to based in the real or even be related to real to be a powerful hindrance.

The last year has been a journey of unknown – from joining in my first live Google Hangout broadcast to launching a Twitter chat – and the unknowns continue to arrive.

I was reminded recently that if I want to get to that place that I have never been then I have to keep doing things that I have never done. That is scary in and of itself.

The thing that has challenged me even more is the uncertainty of it all. The internet is a very big place. “What if I write something and nobody comes to read it?” (done that). “What if I create a Facebook event and nobody attends?” (done that). “What if I launch a Twitter chat and I’m the only one chatting?” (done that).

“What if” can be a powerful ignition for fear growing. It matter little if I know from experience that the end results are not as painful as I make them out to be. Despite my experience and my understanding, “ what if” found a foothold in my mind that was driving me away from my purpose.

Normally, I would tell you that I am a brave person. My husband will tell you that I have NO fear. People that have come to know me have seen me stand bold in courage. The thing is that I never let people see what is going on in my heart – or maybe it is a little lower down I my stomach.

Inside me, the doubts and worries and woes spin around causing me to be a little light headed. The outside showed courage and that exterior masks the interior panic. Most of the time the exterior manages to hold the interior at bay. There are those rare days when the exterior comes crumbling down and I crumble into the corner as a crying mess.

I was in that corner crumbled up and crying because of my recent journey into the unknown of cyber space. Two choices stared me down – 1. To let the fear halt my progress or 2. I can feed the exterior courage and push through to the possibilities of trying.

1-24-15 you can fly

    If I want the easier road (or what looks and feels easier at the moment) then I give the interior fear the control – BUT – if I want more than what I have then I push through with the power and strength provided by the exterior.

    If I want to please people then I give control over to the interior fear – BUT – if I want to please my God then I step into even cyber nothingness with bold intention.

    If I want to accept the ordinary then I can relax into the fear of the interior – BUT – if I want to live in the extraordinary then I have to keep finding a way to move forward with that exterior courage.

Nothing is impossible until I decide it is and as long as I continue to believe in the impossible and pursue the impossible and seek out my dreams then I will go boldly where no man has gone before.

Live courageously even when the unknown says it is not possible.

How to Live INcourage and Take Bold Actions

    1. Give no voice to the fear. The more I talk about it the scarier it becomes. Instead, give voice to the possible. When I speak courage, I grow hope. Hope fuels the energy I need to fly.

    2. Avoid reading (or hearing) the warning labels. Did you know that makers have to put warning on labels for every incedent that has occurred – no matter how off the wall. Once you hear or see those warning then those warning attempt to set down roots. Instead, find believers, achievers, and dream pursuers and listen to their voices.

    3. Ignore the limitations. Yes, there are some temporary limits or blockades, but there is nothing that can’t be overcome, gone around, or repurposed in some way. Instead, dare to dream and act out on that dream.

The world is a scary place, but like the monsters in the closet the scariest part is really an illusion. Determine to make the possibilities the reality then you have to begin to walk out the dreams.

Be blessed

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