Dealing with Kids When the Heat Rises


Children can be trying. Children that are hot and tired are extremely trying. Children that are hot and tired at a time when you are on a deadline and trying to balance the chores at the same time are just about impossible. The best way to keep from having to deal with impossible situations with the family is to avoid them altogether.

Tips to Avoid Having Trying Children

    1. Plan refreshments that are cool (as in temperature) and cool (as in fun). Let the kids toss around an ice cream ball that actually churns fresh ice cream as they play. Let them add fresh fruits to their vanilla ice cream to make it unique and at least a little bit healthy.

    2. Plan cool activities. Anything that involves playing in water will usually work. Put the sprinkler out and let them run through it, purchase water balloons and let them have a battle or just give them a bucket and a hose and let the fun begin.

    3. Have crafts planned to occupy their time. Let them paint the window with water paints or decorate the porch with chalk. Give them some finger paints and let them decorate the plastic lawn furniture. When the creations are done you can wash them off and wash away the creations at the same time – be sure to take pictures first.

    4. Schedule a movie time. Make the investment of renting a movie that they have wanted to see and post the time the movie will start. Let them pick out snacks and drinks to enjoy during the movie.

    5. Make plans for them to get out of the house. Ask a friend or relative to take them for the day or just for the amount of time that you need to get your work done. Make arrangements to reciprocate the opportunity in the near future for their kids.

    6. Let it go. Stop stressing over things that can be left behind for the moment and focus on the things that absolutely have to be done. If you are not stressed then odds are you children will be more relaxed as well.

Summer can be hectic for work at home parents or any parents that are not use to having their children around during the day. Be prepared for those melt down moments and you can keep your cool no matter how much the heat rises.

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