Live Passion or Live Excuses

Life comes about from a series of choices. The good choices lead to opportunities and blessings. The bad choices lead to negative consequences and troubles. Everyone has the ability and the opportunity to live a life of good choices.

Our home resounds with the concept that one excuse is just as good as the next. There will always be an excuse not to make the good choice. True character comes from those hearts that choose the good despite the surrounding excuses. It is important for me to teach my children NOW that the choice is theirs.

Choosing to Live Passion

    1. Things will not always be easy. I can see the difficult as an opportunity to become stronger or as the excuse for giving up.

    2. Things will not always go my way. I can see the detours as a site seeing adventure or allow the delay to derail the whole journey.

    3. Things will not always be as I expected. I can learn to enjoy and appreciate the unexpected or refuse to participate altogether.

    4. Things will not always follow my plan. I can follow the path that develops or sit down on the edge of the path and wait for it to change back.

Excuses are the negative choice of every decision that comes along. Passion flips the coin and brings a positive outlook to the situation. Learning to live passion instead of choosing to give into excuses can be just one simple decision away.

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