Target Adjustments for the Proverbs Life

Consistent Practice Hits the Target

The intensity of the dream woke me up, but the purpose behind the dream evaded me. Have you ever had one of those moments when you knew you were supposed to get something but you just seemed to miss it?

I spent the first few moments of the morning meditating on that dream. Nothing wanted to make sense. The more I thought about the dream the more urgent the intensity became.

Two thoughts came to me at about the same time. You were in the wrong place and Keith said something he should not have said. I thought back over the dream. THAT was it.

Watch your words – get back to where you are supposed to be.

These last few weeks have taken me on a journey with the Green Smoothie Queens. My body feels so much better, but I know that the journey must continue. Falling back into my old patterns of slavery to food will NEVER be an option! BUT I found myself choosing the wrong foods because they were easier – at least in my mind.

Last week I also set down a plan for developing my writing and speaking to the place that I know it needs to be. Reading my Bible this morning revealed that my success in this new plan had been less than half. Although I had managed to write the number of words I committed to write – the important things had been neglected for most of the days. Not the best start in the world.

The dream gave me a push to straighten up my aim even that little bit so that I would hit the mark.

Have you ever shot a bow and arrow? My brother has been a master at this since an early age so I had my fair share of opportunities. It was frustrating to stand there in front of the target and be sure that my aim was spot on only to have the arrow just miss the mark.

Life resembles the flying arrow. My aim can look on center but be just off enough that I miss the target altogether. The little offs are hard to notice until the target has been missed.

My aim in my new journey has been just a little off, and the dream reminded me to straighten up and check my marks before I let the arrow go.

Tips for Getting the Aim Right

    1. The Green Smoothie Queens were a great inspiration, but I need to continue to find that encouragement and accountability. I know that writing on my website at Soul-Food-Diet will help, but I also know that I need a little more pressure on that bow of my life to keep the arrow flying straight. I am investing in the new book by Lysa TerKeurst, “Made to Crave.” I already called the bookstore and had them set one aside for me. Join me over at Soul-Food-Diet as I take this new journey in my health walk.

    2. The television was turned off to help me stay focused in my writing, but it was not long before I found that I preferred the internet viewing anyway. I have to dig deeper in my heart and mind and discover what I am masking with the use of television. It may be time to settle back into the addiction course that I have been taking for the last several months. Completing it may give me new insight and new direction.

    3. I have to keep communication open with my husband. There are so many things that need to be done to honor all that God has given up. I tried doing it alone and ended up failing at everything. I need his help and support to get it done and to get my writing done as well. He asked a few months back that we commit time to prayer and study together every day – and we did for a few days. My prayer (and I hope you will agree) is that he will again make the recommendation and we will both make it a priority for our lives.

Getting off the mark can be as simple as breathing out at the wrong moment. Hitting the target takes consistent practice. I have to make the choice to practice my walk every day if I want to reach my place of purpose.

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