Growing Accountability – Let It Go

Everything is not mine to fix. Everyone is not my job to correct. Living out a life founded on accountability but shielded from guilt starts with me learning how to let go of the need to control it all.

Questions that Help Me Let It Go

    Will it cause me or mine physical harm?

    Is it my place?

    How much am I willing to invest in getting it under control?

    Will it bring me closer to God or hinder my walk with Him?

    Am I acting in Faith or reacting from emotions?

I am learning how to walk away from situations outside of my immediate sphere by asking five questions:

Let It Go

Each one of us must find our own way – I can learn from you and I can learn from the experiences of others, but my way will be unique to me.

Listen to the #GrowingHOPE podcast and begin plotting your ways to grow accountability for your life by finding your answers to Let It Go.

You can learn more about accountability by downloading the free eBook – Growing Accountability – an eBook by Kathryn C Lang.

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