Quote of the Day for Wednesday

Quote of the Day – We Need More by Gene Hendrix – May 3 2017

Quote of the day for Wednesday, May 3, 2017

We need more fire and less smoke; more desire and less ‘know’. We need awesome not just talk. We need God’s men standing up.”- Gene Hendrix

Quote of the Day by Gene Hendrix

It has to be more than words if I want to change the world . . . if I want to change my family . . . if I want to change me.

Words do have power, but change happens when I take that power and use it to fuel my actions.

I heard once that I need to be invested in teaching the Gospel every moment of every day – and that I should use my words only when necessary. I know that if I am walking the walk then I have no need to talk the talk. People will come to me and ask.

How did you?
Why did you?
Can you show me?

We need more people that will live it out with bold intention because that is the key to the change that will heal the world.

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