Quote of the Day – Peace to be Found – May 2 2017

Quote of the day for Tuesday, May 2, 2017

There is always Peace to be found – no matter what moment you face – sometimes you have to look harder than others to find it, but Peace is there!” – Natalie Cone

Quote of the Day - Peace to be Found

Peace is there.

I remember in the midst of the tornadoes in April, 2011 thinking, “We are going to be okay.” Trees were falling all around the house and even through the house, but I stood there encapsulated in peace.

I remember losing control of my car on a wet road. It spun in circles before colliding with a tree. Despite having no control I felt a sense of complete calm and peace.

Storms happen. Sometimes we end up in a ditch. Always, no matter what, Peace is there. It can engulf us and ease us through the moment, or we can leave Peace on the sidelines and face it on our own.

No matter which we choose, the Peace awaits.

Choose Peace and feel the warmth of that peace guide you through whatever circumstances you may face.

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