Thought of the Day – Taking the Dare – May 1 2017

Thought of the Day – Taking the Dare – May 1 2017

Thought of the Day for May 1 – I Dare You!

I got busy this week – doing things that were a little outside my comfort zone and that were a little bit daring. Not so daring or outrageous that my mom would have been shocked (although hearing that shocked tone in her voice – especially as she said my full name – was always priceless).

These actions push me closer to where I want to be.

It started in a meeting with my mastermind group. The ladies have been encouraging with me during this journey and I like the challenge they provide. Last time we met, I was my typically rainbows and lollipops self – everything in my life was just great.

And it is. I have an amazing husband that works himself silly providing for the family and taking care of his dad. I have children that like me and that love (and sometimes both on the same day) that are pursuing their own goals and dreams with a focus – most of the time – on what God wants them to do.

Things are amazing in my life.

The ladies challenged me by making me think if I was where I wanted to be instead of if I was happy about how things were.

Taking the Dare

My natural lean is to the positive. My husband might even tell you that I have fallen straight off the cliff of positivity and am dragging you all with me. So when someone asks me how things are going, I am truthful when I say “blessed.” I am too busy seeing the positives to notice the negatives.

“Are you satisfied with the way things are right now?”

This question prompted a different response and different follow-up actions. It seemed to stir up the determination that I know exists but that was never ignited before. It was almost like hearing “I dare you.”

And so I dared.

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