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Declaration of My Independence

Be willing to uncover your unique way to unlock your full possibilities. Your way will different and you need to be okay with it.

My son handed me a scroll. When I unrolled it the words “This is a Declaration of Independence” stared back at me.

I had just finished thanking some friends and fellow journeyers for challenging me to step out. The words he shared connected with the idea I was trying to form.

I declare my independence from your rules and expectations.

Don’t get me wrong. I am full-blooded Southerner. I believe in saying “please” and “thank you.” I believe in the importance of etiquette. I believe in being courteous – not because they deserve it but because I deserve it.

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This declaration goes out to all of you determined to tell me how to do it – not because you can help but because you have determined the “better” way is the only way.

Last month, I helped organize a writing conference that turned out to be as much retreat as it was a conference. The constant feedback from that conference was that it was unique. I couldn’t have scripted that response better if I had tried. I set out to create something different – something unique in all of the conference world – and that is what happened.

This month, I stepped up into a new path . . . at least new to me. Just like others were doing the conference thing, others are doing this as well. It’s just that I am looking to do something that is unique to me and to my gifts, talents, and abilities. I know my coaching courses and techniques will not be like any others because I am not like any others. That is OKAY! I am worth it to be uniquely me! You are worth it for me to be uniquely me.

I want to say thank you.

Thank you to all of you – you know who you are – who have challenged me to be authentically and unapologetically me. Sometimes I need to hear it in order to live it. I dare you. I dare you all the time to discover your uniqueness and then live it boldly.

I just needed to hear it for myself.

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I have been hesitant to step into this new place just as I was hesitant to host that conference. Doing things that are uniquely you – different, unexpected, unorthodox, or just not normal – that can be a scary place to venture.

I survived the conference. I event thrived through the experience. It was not always easy because I had “people who knew better” explaining to me how I needed to do things. I listened politely, sometimes even taking their words and implementing them in a unique way, but I continued down the unconventional path.

I will not only survive this new leap of faith, but I will thrive in it. I will thrive because I am eager to help others in the way I am uniquely designed to help. I can – not because I am better or more talented or more educated. I can because I will!

Are you ready to leap? Do you dare to thrive? Join me now.

Be blessed,

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