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Quote of the Day – Change Focus – May 1, 2017

Quote of the day for Monday, May 1, 2017

You can find the possibilities or you can find the problems. The difference isn’t the circumstances but the focus”

Quote of the day - change focus

“Can you see it?” My son and I were waiting to pick up his brothers and he was pointing at the sky.

I had been watching the sky for a while. The darkening clouds threatened the storm the forecasters had been warning might be headed our way. I saw it alright.

I like to challenge my children to see for themselves and to explain what they are seeing so others might be able to see as well. So I asked him. “What do you see.”

“There, over that mountain. You see the sun on that could? It looks like an angel.”

He was right. It did look like an angel. I had been too busy looking at the storm to see what the light had created.

Circumstances don’t have to change for my vision to change. When I focus on the light instead of the darkness then the angels show up.

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