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Quote of the Day – Outside the Jar – April 14 2017

Quote of the day for Friday, April 14, 2017

Everyone one of us needs someone outside our jar to read our label.”

Quote of the Day - Labels

We were talking in the Writers Chat about the importance of having other eyes to help us see more clearly. It fell right in line with what was shared at Craft Content Nashville as well as what I was teaching in my session.

You struggle to see you because you are on the inside looking out. Those that are on the outside looking in can see you from a different perspective – in part because they are looking from a different perspective, but also because they don’t have the preset limitations that you have for your journey.

When determining the strengths – and even the weaknesses – that you have in your life and for your journey, talk to some people you trust. Ask them what they see in you. Ask them for words that describe you. Ask them for their insights and directions.

They are not the answer to your journey, but they can help you see with additional clarity. You have more in you than you can image. Seek out those that can read your label and share with you.

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