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Just Stop the Noise Already – Thought of the Day for April 13 2017

Thought of the Day, April 13, 2017

Just stop with all the noise and all the judgment.

I watched the news, and yet another boy was hurt by the police because he said no when confronted. The news media got on the bandwagon yet again – about how important it is to follow the address given by authority.

No . . . wait. That is NOT how it went.

This was a doctor – a grown man. He was injured when he said no to the authorities and the news media can be quick enough to jump on the business(even though, by law, the company had turned the situation over to the authorities).

Not only did people jump on the “we hate the corporation” bandwagon, but they have completely ignored the facts in the case. The company – the big business – has all the money so the business has to be wrong.

Not that this is new. The news media, the social media, and even the Monday morning quarterbacks around the water cooler all tend to ignore the facts to make their point.

We live in a society that is quick to just – without even a part of the facts, much less the whole story.

We live in a society that is quick to blame – anyone but self.

We live in a society that is quick to act out with feelings – ignoring the rules or the law along the way (because those are subjective anyway.

Stop the noise. Learn the facts – if you can and if it will matter in your life. Share only when asked (and never in an attempt to make others come around. The more people that refuse to add to the noise and judgment the sooner the world can get back to a place of sanity.

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