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Relationship Foundations – Three – Be Honest

One of the major “be attitudes” for relationship foundations is BE HONEST. I may not be able to make you honest, but I can choose not to allow your actions and behaviors to affect how I am honest.

The hurts of the past or the hang ups from what I have experienced can make me want to crawl back in my shell. Relationships will never grow up if I stay holed up in my shell. I have to be open to grow relationship foundations.

Be Honest to Build Relationship Foundations

    RElationship Foundations from an Attitude of Be Honest
    1. Tell the truth – not half-truths, not almost truths, and not white lies. Tell the truth.

    2. Be just – stand firm on your moral foundation so that others know what to expect when approaching you about a situation or event.

    3. Act with fairness – in dealings and actions. Honor your word and follow through on your promises and don’t try to cheat.

    4. Choose authenticity – treat everyone as equal from the janitor to the CEO and from the guru to the fan – air on the side of impartiality.

    5. Lay it on the line – reveal your expectations, your wants, your investment concerns or desires. Be willing to put it out there even with the possibility of getting hurt.

The word honest come from the word honor – and when I choose to be honest I honor myself and I honor the ones that I am engaging. THAT is why the action of being honest is such a valuable component for relationship foundations.

Being honest requires a lot of courage because I have to push forward despite the risks.

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Relationship Foundations – Be Honest

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