Study the Book of Proverbs – Chapter Two

Read through Chapter Two of the Book of Proverbs. Make notes or questions about the verses. Be sure to write down any verse or group of verses that stand out during your reading. You can keep them on an index card and read over them when you have a few minutes during the day.

Seeking Wisdom and Knowledge

I have a treasure that will provide you with all of your heart’s desires. All you have to do is gain access to that treasure and then you will be set. Would you be willing to put in a little effort for a chance at that treasure?

Wisdom is that treasure. The value of wisdom surpasses any earthly benefits that you might want. Silver and gold are not able to compare with the value of wisdom.

God does not bury His treasure where it will never be found. Wisdom wanders around looking for those that will seek it. If you are willing to seek wisdom and pursue knowledge then God will provide both.

Gaining Wisdom

    – With wisdom you will learn to understand true reverence of God and for God.
    – Wisdom will guide you to that place of knowing God.
    – With wisdom you will learn to follow the right path and be in the protection of God with your going.
    – Wisdom will give you the tools to see past the words of others and discern the truth.

God wants the best for our lives. He provided a method for each one of us to grow to the place where we can choose right, understand His law, and live abundantly in HIS prosperity. His treasure goes beyond anything that man can imagine, and He wants you to have it.

How much are you willing to do to discover the treasure of Wisdom that God has for your life?

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