Writing is a Personal Journey

path in the woods

Writing is an individual journey. You can gain from the experiences of those that have gone before, but you cannot repeat them. Each path must be the “Road Less Taken.” You are the only person that is journeying down your road. If you are following the crowd, then you are already off the mark.

I know a man that finished his first book in March and had it in the book stores for Christmas. His unique journey included meeting a publisher at Karate class. That does not mean writers need to flood the local gym, but the thing that can be gained from his experience is that you have to be prepared. He had a finished manuscript the day he met that publisher. Is your manuscript ready?

There were a couple of country fellows that had a small, local radio program. The program grew and grew. Eventually, an editor from a large publishing firm heard their program and drove down from his big city to talk to the guys about writing a book. Most writers are unable to get their own radio program, particularly one that is large enough to attract the interest of publishers, but the thing that can be learned from these guys is that if you are doing the thing that you LOVE then it will grow and spread and open doors of opportunity.

One blogger that I heard about wrote a personal journey about her struggles with an illness in the family. She was not alone in her struggles and many people flocked to her site. A publisher found about the high traffic and approached her about a book deal. Not all blog owners can draw 15,000 unique visitors PER DAY to their personal blog. The thing to take away from her experience is that all blog owners can write something that touches the hearts of the readers.

The journey for your writing has to be unique to who you are, where you are and what you are passionate about. You can learn from the experiences of others on their writing journey, but you must blaze your own trail.

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  • Never let the vines of self-doubt bar your path. A good machete of “positive thinking” is required for successful trailblazing. There are no maps so keep your focus on your compass of “true goals”. And don’t forget a flare gun to signal for encouragement from friends and fellow writers! All are a must have. (Especially the flare gun. =P)

  • Wow great post! I actually wrote a similar one yesterday. It’s because success can be reached from a variety of paths that I have hope to be a successful freelance writer. It’s also why I think it’s so important to become friends with other writers. We should encourage and support each other and in doing so will not only help them but will help strengthen our own desires.

  • Hi Kathryn –

    The Shack, a self-published book, became a bestseller. Yet, it is the exception rather than the rule. The author did a lot of things right in producing the book. He wrote from a deep passion and his own spiritual journey. He hit on unique marketing methods.

    Should we copy his style or his methods. No. Should we seek out the underlying principles of his success. Definitely. He tapped into an audience’s need and spoke to it. It’s a lesson for each one of us.

    Thanks for another great post. I’m always happy to point people to your blog for practical, insightful, and inspiring information.

    Susan 🙂