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It’s all about relationships so I invested my weekend in making connections and growing some existing connections into fledgling relationships. I take that back. I invested part of my weekend in doing those things and the rest of my weekend was offered up to Netflix. So I did okay with my weekend investments, but I know I can do better.

I have done better in the past. I have invested the bulk of my weekend on relationships or words and had the checkmarks on the to-do list to prove it. I feel better when I invest better – not matter what it is that I am investing.

I feel better when I do something instead of sitting around all day doing nothing.
I feel better when I make time for friends instead of spending my day all alone.
I feel better when I put my family first instead of putting my own wants and desires first.
I feel better when I make purposeful choices with the money I spend instead of just throwing it away.

I feel better when I do more.

I still feel good about this weekend. I invested in connections and I took time to nurture those connections. I feel better because I did make a plan to do more to nurture those connections with the hope that relationships will bloom and prosper.

This weekend looks like it was a lot about me – and in some ways it was. I had to make choices and I had to make sacrifices. Ultimately, everything I do (even Netflix marathons) is a choice and a sacrifice of some type. This weekend, for the most part, I chose others over self.
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Finding My Way to Relationships

  • It takes a choice to build a relationship. I have to choose to think of what I am doing to be a blessing and a benefit to others. The things that I choose to do is about others when I am looking for the ways to grow up relationships.
  • It takes sacrifice. Doing for others may mean not doing as much for me. Although, if we are truthful with each other, when I do for others I always do for myself (because I receive encouragement and blessing just for the doing when I do it with a servant’s heart).
  • It takes investment. Everything that I do requires investment. It takes time. It takes energy. It takes resources. And if I am going to invest these things anyway, why not invest them in the better and best.

I am already doing something, now I just have to choose the better somethings so that I walk that path that I desire. I will build relationships when I investing in those relationships. I will grow a foundation of support when I choose to be a foundation of support. I will find the encouragement and blessings when I give out the encouragement and blessings.

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Jesus was on to something when he told us to do for others as we would want them to do for us. It changes the heart when we make those choices. When the heart changes, the life changes.

Be blessed.

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Continue to grow up relationships and invest in others

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