3 Easy Money Jobs for the Internet

Staying at home may make it impossible for you to take a “real” job.  It may even keep you from finding regular work because you don’t know what your schedule will be like from day to day.  There are ways – on your own time – that you can make some money.  While you may not get rich quick, you may be able to make enough to treat the family to a night out here and there.

1.      Surveys – While there are a number of sites out there, http://www2.pineconeresearch.com/ is the site that I used.  It paid $5 for completed surveys, and there was always the possibility that you could be included in a test group to try out the product.

2.      Paid to post – This is where you can spend a few minutes (hours) per day or week writing comments in different forums.  http://www.paidpostingtools.com/ is the site that I enjoyed.  The subjects that I could post to were varied and plentiful.  I have friends that have had success with other sites, but this one has always been prompt to pay and willing to work with my schedule.

3.      Blogging – I haven’t found the magic key to make money on my own blog, but I have found a few other blogs to write for that will pay me.  Granted, it’s not much pay ;).  But it still amazes me that anyone would pay anything for my opinion.  Although craigslist has turned up a couple of jobs, for blogging I would check out the job postings at www.performancing.com and www.problogger.net.

All three of these methods, and all of these sites, are free – no sign up costs involved.  If it’s going to cost you to sign up then I would just move on to something else.  The great thing about the internet is that these are just the beginning ways to make money online.  There are sites that will let you write content, SEO (or keyword) articles, and link comments.  The potential is endless for someone who really doesn’t mind doing a lot of work for a little pay.

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