31 Day Challenge – Day 9 The Stumbling Perception

My whole body feels sore. I didn’t do anything yesterday but my body feels like I ran a marathon or two. I think the pain comes from my small stumble in my own challenge yesterday. I managed to do absolutely nothing which was quite a feat since on Saturday I had a full schedule for Sunday. A sick child will throw everything for a loop and my oldest woke up feeling yucky on Sunday.

I say I got nothing done, but I did fix biscuits for breakfast (with a big enough batch that I could freeze some), made vegetable soup from scratch for the son that would only eat broth, made a tatertot casserole (which no one else was here to eat), designed a chart for my dad’s work, wrote several articles, read, studied, and played with my youngest, and wrote a short story. I guess nothing is a perception thing.

It shocked me as I started making out the list of things I actually did do yesterday. Even though I am checking things off on my list there was still this pit of guilt in my stomach because it just wasn’t enough. I guess it feels like nothing because I can look around and see the things that I didn’t do (like the dishes). It amazes me that a person who prides herself on optimism immediately goes to the negative when it comes to “getting it done.”

This 31 Day Challenge helps me to focus my perception. Having certain items to check off every day at least lets me see visually that “yes I am doing things.” It also pushes me because I couldn’t go to sleep last night without writing 500 words of fiction which turned into an interesting short story (it was the last item on my list to be checked off – and it was 😉 ).

The moral of this story is that you can’t let perceptions crush your spirit. Not your own and not those of the people around you. We are all growing and changing and learning and building and the finished product is just a blink of an eye away. To give up now would be to miss out on the best – because I promise you that no matter where you are right now that the best is yet to come.

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