Find Peace and Prosperity through Balance

Balance takes effort. It takes practice. It takes focus. Finding balance in the different aspects of my life – the spirit, the mind, and the body – brings opportunity and prosperity in abundance. Balance leads me to that place where nothing is missing and nothing is broken.

I just have to find my balance to get there. In a world that is constantly spinning, finding that balance is tricky at best. Toss in a little chaos from family or situations, and it is a wonder I am not face first down on the floor. Actually, there are days when I end up exactly there. Most of the time it is a day when I followed my emotions, or followed the crowd.

I get my balance when I get those three essentials right. I feed the spirit. I focus the mind. I train the body. All the world spinning that can be thrown at me will not make me wobble when that is my starting point.

Keys to Finding Prosperity through Balance

    1. Make the time for God. I say it, but I have also experienced it first hand – God must come first. I get into more trouble when I make the choice not to invest the first moments of my day in the Scripture and in prayer. That personal connection with God will do more to strength my balance than anything else I can do.

    2. Clean the temple. I heard somewhere that a healthy mind comes from a healthy body. I think I understand that more after going through pregnancy, facing down migraines, and even dealing with a common cold. When the body is out of wake – for whatever reason – then the mind struggles. Making better choices with the foods I eat, the exercises I do, and even the amount of sleep I get will make it easier for my mind to function at its full capacity.

    3. Discover the YOUnique passion. It is not work when it is something that you love and that you are passionate about accomplishing. Passion drives inspiration and inspiration ignites hope. Hope is the foundation that makes it possible to balance even through the toughest storms.

    4. Develop good, better and best habits. Learn organization techniques that will help you be better at managing your time and your resources. The best habits will push you on to the success that you desire.

    5. Make time for the family. It God is first, then family is second. Building strong family ties and creating memorable family times solidifies that foundation. Do things together. Simple things, like playing cards or sharing a meal, can create lifetime memories and lifelong bonds.

    6. Find the fun in being frugal. It is not about being a penny pincher, but about finding the best way to utilize your finances. When you learn to manage your finances then you keep your finances from managing you.

    7. Reflect an attitude you want others to see. What you put out will come back on you, so make certain that what you put out is something you want in your own life. Actively seek out the good, positive, and uplifting. You will discover that you regularly find the hope in all around you when you do.

Peace and prosperity are waiting for you. Take the steps. Find the balance. Live boldly in all that it holds.

Be blessed,


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