Peculiar Ideas for the New Year

Something peculiar has happened at my home. Here we are in day nine of the New Year and I’m still focused on the goals I set at the end of last year. Wow! I’ve even managed to accomplish one of them (finished my synopsis even though it still needs some serious tweaking).

One of the biggest differences for me between this year and all of the rest is that I have the goals sitting next to my desk. I look at them every single day – lots of times! And I’ve shared them with friends and strangers alike. This year I have cried out for some accountability. Sometimes it is the only thing that pushes us on.

On the other side of my desk I have posted the “17 Steps to Change Your World” listed in the book I’m reading. It is these steps that are the forces I’m using to help me push my way to completing each and every one of my goals. Some days I actually read through the whole list (I need the extra boost to get going). On other days, it is one step that will jump out from the rest.

Today number three (going the extra mile) is what is motivating me forward. It would have been easy to just turn off the computer, crawl into bed and call it a night. That was actually my plan. I took a moment to look at my website and was discussing the numbers with a friend when it dawned on me that someone was coming to my site right now to read a bit of fun or wisdom or insight and I hadn’t bothered to jot anything down. That’s just not right.

While it would be great to have the kind of numbers that draws a 5-figure income – who in their right mind would turn down that kind of paycheck – that is not my driving force. Sharing and caring and venting are what this site is really about. I want to help others reach their goals as much as I want to reach my won. Just knowing that one woman might read my tale and have a better day for it as valuable to me as that giant paycheck (and I’m writing that with a straight face). There is a reason for everything and I know there is a reason for my writing, even if I don’t fully understand just yet.

I should add one more item to my New Year’s goal list. I want to make my website one that inspires, encourages, and lifts up everyone who stops by for a visit. I think I finally understand that it is not the numbers that matter. It is the people that really count.

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