Remember the Good Times

It’s time I started a happy journal. There needs to be a place where I record all of my blessings for the day – no matter how big or how small. Like the time I was going to eat some cookies (even though I had just finished lunch and WASN’T hungry) and the phone rang. Instead of eating, I spent 10 minutes listening to a lady explain how God wanted to use her in this community. I did not go back to the cookies.

There was a time when I would jot these things down in my prayer journal, but they seem to get lost in my whining :D, and besides, it was usually on the great big blessings that I even bothered to write down.

While I’m out running errands today, I’m going to stop at the office supply store and get me a new journal. Every night before I go to sleep I will take a few minutes to jot down all the nice things and wonderful blessings that happened that day (like the kids cleaning up with out being asked or the hubby doing the dishes without complaining or the amazing sunset).

The great thing about keeping all of my happy moments together is that they will be easy to reference when things are hard. Despite all of my positive mental attitude and happy go lucky nature, I still have days when I just don’t want to do anything but be. Having a happy journal could be the jolt I need to get me back on the track to success.

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