I AM All that I Declare – The Power of Your Words

“You know what you are?” The kid was trying to taunt me into a fight. I knew it. I had seen it before. The next words were going to be a slur or a curse or some other form of negative focus.

“I am blessed.” I responded before the other words could be wielded.

He looked at me for what felt like a life time before he growled and stomped away.

How would you be able to argue with blessed anyway?

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I have not always responded that positively when confronted with that demand. “Do you know what you are?” When things have been tough or trying, I default to the “I am tired,” “I am to blame,” or “I am too upset to care.” Sharing these negative “I am” statements only adds to the trials, the troubles, and the heaviness that they bring with them.

I have sometimes responded out of my own anger for the situation. “I am better than you.” Or some form of that declaration to tear at the one I felt was attacking me. The defensive “I am” statements only left me feeling more need to defend my journey.

“I am” is a powerful phrase. It can cause me to see myself in a bold new light. It can cause me to focus on the negative aspects of where I find myself at this moment. It can also be used to counter the attitudes around me.

I have to be aware of “I am” and use it wisely – not to make others feel bad but to raise me up to all that I am designed to be.

1-27-15 refuse the world

Wielding Power of Words with I AM

    I am blessed.
    I am beautiful.
    I am unique.
    I am determined to reach my success.

That is only the beginning. The more possibilities that I declare “I am” then the closer I get to where I need to be.

What was the last “I am” statement that you declared over your life?

When you take the time to use the words wisely you will begin to see the positive changes occur around you.

Be blessed,


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