Avoiding the Distractions by Becoming Blissfully Unaware

It is not always easy to get there – but we all do get there at times. I know there have been moments when I would be caught up in my work – right in the center of the house – but I would be blissfully unaware of the actions of my kids throughout the house. There have been times when I was so caught up in my thoughts that someone had to honk at me to get me to move when the light turned green. I was blissfully unaware of my surroundings.

So in my journey to become blissfully unaware – or so focused on my purpose that nothing else can get my attention- and moving down this path of perfecting the art of trying, I am taking on five ideas:

Five Points to Avoid Distractions

1. Stop listening to the negatives – or stop collecting limitations. The more I focus on what I’m not supposed to be able to do or to accomplish then the more I will find that I can’t do or accomplish.

2. Stop focusing on the need for perfection and begin to accept that a willingness to try is often enough.

3. Start building up determination – begin to hone in on the purpose behind the actions or the why of the try.

4. Start seeing the possibility of the experience – begin to recognize the benefits that come just from the effort involved in trying.

5. Just show up – take a step, make a move, do something – just showing up can make a HUGE difference when it comes to walking down the path blissfully unaware.

I know that it’s possible to walk out a life blissfully unware of the limitations or the hindrances or the traps that are snapping around me. I have to find my way to focused and determined actions that will keep me moving along.

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