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How I Found the Keys to Choosing Possibilities

When I seek possibilities then I will find possibilities!

10 Focus Changing Keys for Choosing Possibilities

What you see or what you are seeking will be what you get. I took the lesson I learned from freelance writing and found a way to apply it to my everyday life. A little change of focus can open up a whole new world.

I spent two hours listening – or almost listening – to the presentation. I appreciate the speaker invested his time to share, but he had already mentioned the topic was not his strength. I went in not expecting great enlightenment.

One of these days I will remember I often get what I expect. It is also true to say I get what I am willing to invest.

I could have tuned him out (okay, I did a little) because I already knew it all. I could have played on my tablet and distracted others around me. If freelance writing has taught me anything it is the value in finding a way to make the moment work. Something worth writing about can be uncovered in every situation.

So I wrote.

I took the generic information that he offered (which would be a benefit to an attendee who knew little or nothing about the topic) and I customized it a little more to fit my specific needs. I used his ideas and suggestions to locate other articles on the topic to provide a deeper understanding.

I made an effort.

By the end of the seminar, I had two top ten articles outlined, I had a wealth of new information to pursue, and I ended up making a great connection with the speaker because I shared information supporting his talk during the question segments without talking over him.

It turns out it is also that simple for every aspect of my life. I can accept the moment or make the most in the moment. Change comes in the moment, but depending on which way I choose, it is possible to create the opportunity for great change for my life.

The possibilities are there – IF I am willing to seek them out!

Choosing to Make the Effort to Find Possibilities

  1. Expect to invest if you want to receive a return. I attended a conference where one of the speakers had spoken at another event I attended. I mentioned to the organizer I was going to her talk. “It’s the same one she gave before.” He explained. I went on to tell him if nothing new came to light from her talk then it was my own fault, not hers.

    Everything would be more engaging for me it I always lived by that same attitude.

  2. What I receive is based on what I choose to receive and not on what you give (ask a husband is this doesn’t make sense) Click To Tweet

  3. Even the ordinary can be extraordinary with the right twist. Crafters have made an art through the mastery of this idea. I know it is possible. When I choose to look at something from a different perspective then I can give it a whole new life – but I have to make the choice to see beyond the ordinary if I want to unlock the extraordinary potential.
  4. The more I hear it the more I am going to understand it. It turns out because I heard it once or read it once does not always means I grasped the concept . . . or even put the concept to work in my life. Hearing it again may be what is necessary for it to take root.
  5. Expectations direct what you find. My attitude effects how I perceive people, information, and circumstances. A little shift in attitude can bring a whole new light to the moment.
  6. Everyone has something to offer if I am willing to take the time to listen. It may not be what I expected or even what I wanted in that moment, but others have value to add to my journey.
  7. What I do with what I hear will mean more than what I hear. I can hear the most important person in the world teach me the most important ideas in the world and if I do nothing but write down notes then I have wasted my time and his. It is up to me to put the words I hear to work in my life.
  8. The ideas are the beginning. I have to listen to others. I have to learn from others. I then have to find a way to take what I hear and what I learn and make it work in my life and for my unique journey.
  9. There is nothing new under the sun. It may be presented in a new light or through a new medium, but it has been said or thought before. I can either choose to see the “nothing new” in the new light and with the new perspective or I can quit learning. The choice is always mine.
  10. The learning is always up to me. The teacher can present the idea, but I have to accept the idea. I have to plant the idea. I have to nurture the idea until it grows. I am responsible for what grows up in my life.
  11. Sometimes the reason I am where I am may not be the reason I think. I need to enter into the encounter with great expectation and be on the lookout for amazing opportunity. I will find it somewhere every single time.
  12. I came away from the seminar with a wealth of information and opportunity – once I changed my focus. The effort I chose to put into the event returned to me in ways t I had not planned and I would not have expected before. I know I can find amazing experiences and opportunities if I am willing to make the effort to find and experience them.

    Be blessed,

    Share your “I wasn’t expecting that” experience in the comments below.

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