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Relationships INcouraged – 3 – Sharing Encouragement

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The more I practice sharing encouragement, the better and more focused I get at sharing encouragement. There are few things I have found that seem to encourage most everyone no matter where they may be in their journey – either in some combination or sometimes just one.

I become a better encouragement sharer when I take the time to learn simple ways to share and take into account what is needed in the first place. It has more to do with a heart and a hope on both ends of the encouragement.

Make Sharing Encouragement a Habit

    1. I share words of praise. I compliment what someone is doing or what they have done or where they are going. I focus on a positive element and highlight that positive.

    2. I share an attitude of praise. I give a hug or a pat on the back or sometimes just a smile – a physical attitude to let the person I am seeking to encourage know that I appreciate the efforts being made.

    3. I have a heart of thanksgiving. I invest my energies into thinking about the ways I am grateful for having that person in my life in that moment, in the past, or with expectation towards the future.

    4. I developed a habit of unspoken prayer. I take time out to pray for those that I want to encourage because I know that lifting someone up in prayer can be the most powerful encouragement possible even when they don’t know the prayers are happening.

    5. I created a mindset of being relentlessly giving – because it takes me out of a place of expectation into a focus of encouragement.

Sharing encouragement needs to be tempered with a little discernment or we would all have wallpapered tortoises wandering around. Sharing works best when I invest in learning specific needs, but there are also some general practices that make sharing encouragement easier.

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