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Are You Being Chased Down by God

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Growing HOPE – Being Chased Down by God

with Special Guest Robin Luftig

Being Chased Down

God will track you down because He has a purpose for you.

The father walked with his small son along the path by the lake. He allowed the child to wander and explore, but the father remained vigilant and aware of where his son was and where he was going.

When the son moved too close to the edge of the water, the father ran to him and caught him before the son fell into a place he couldn’t handle on his own.

I watched and was thankful knowing that my Father also watches me with vigilance and chases me down.

#GrowingHOPE with Kathryn Lang - God's Got Your Back

Sometimes we need each other to remember that God’s got this. I know that when life runs me down, I need someone around that will listen and they will lift me up back into a place of settling into God’s hand.

It sometimes takes the sharing to hold tight to the Truth. That is why we are stronger together. We are bolder together. We make a difference together.

We need to take time to share so that together we can become more.

From Special Guest Robin Luftig

#GrowingHOPE Guest Robin Luftig

“Years ago I was the featured speaker at a women’s weekend retreat. On Friday, the first day of the retreat, I told my story of years of loss and bad choices. I even mentioned my thoughts of suicide during some of the darkest times. After the session, I told the women if anyone wanted prayer, I’d stay to chat and pray, even though the session was over.

As the ladies cleared, one of the “pillars” of the group lagged behind. We covered small talk for awhile, then she shyly said, “I almost didn’t come tonight because I had planned to kill myself. I was done with all the pain.”

With that, she began sharing dark stories about her life that she had never felt safe to talk about. She had always felt judged by Christian women. Whether that was true or not, Satan had seared her heart to secrecy. She carried burdens that Jesus had already forgiven. It was a pain for no reason.

That’s what keeps me encouraged. If speaking to hurting women to share God’s grace and mercy can help free them, I’ll speak till I die.”

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Twitter: @robinluftig
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In the days ahead, take time to look for God in your day. Make the choice to draw near to God by recognizing where He is. It is through a closeness with God that we live out His plan for a hope and a future.

where have you seen God?

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  • It takes courage to open up because of what that woman in Robin’s story shared: fear of judgment by others. It hurts most when that is coming from fellow believers whereas the Bible admonishes us to bear one another’s burdens. May God place caring and thoughtful people on our path always and help us to be that way to others as well.
    Keep up the good work, Kathryn, and stay blessed in Jesus’ name.