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The Christian Writers Forum offers great encouragement, support and wisdom to writers at all levels. It always amazes me when other writers turn to me for some of that wisdom. I have been a writer for just over five years now, but I still feel like I am only beginning the journey.

Questions from One Writer to Another

How do you get your assignments?

Getting assignments happens like getting a book deal, a great spouse or perfect children. It takes a lot of work honing your own skills, a lot of prayers, and an ability to be ready, willing and able.

My first freelance writing assignments online came about from the writing I was doing for forum sites. The experience I gained from those assignments drove me on to apply for new assignments. The more experience I gained then the bolder I got in my expectations and also my pursuit of new jobs.

I also found that editors and individuals I worked with started recommending me to others. Producing quality content at a reasonable price and also putting forward a professional attitude was helping to increase my opportunities.

The confidence my online writing gave me had positive results in other areas for my career. I started having the courage (and the clips) to contact print publications about writing for them. I now have a regular column in a local paper because of one of those inquiries. My speaking career was also launched thanks to the confidence (and connections) I have developed through my freelance writing.

Is what you do freelance or ghost writing?

Yes. Some of the work that I do gets published with my byline (my name attached) and some of it does not. Either way, I produce the best work that I can produce.

Do you word from home?

I work in the home, in the car and in the waiting rooms. Work that has to be researched requires a Wi-Fi connection, but other than that I have few limits that I put on where I will work.

How many hours per week do you work?

The amount of time that I spend writing today pales compared with what I was doing just over a year ago. Most of that comes from the fact that I have decided to put more time into my own writing and also because I am spending more time working on school with my children. I work (or write for pay for other people) around three to four hours per day. The time can vary if I have a big project coming due.

Do you have time for your own writing?

I have started MAKING time for my own writing. A sound time budget keeps me from wasting too much of my day!

How did you get started as a freelance writer?

Writing became a passion of mine at an early age. It was only in 2004 that I answered an ad in the local paper about a “Community Columnist Contest” that I began to think again about writing as a career. That column led to me looking online for jobs which led to me finding jobs as a freelance writer.

How can what you do be replicated?

The most important thing that any writer needs is a tough skin. People will complain – some will complain about what you write; some will complain THAT you write. When you pursue your passion and your dream there are always naysayers. The tougher your skin, the easier it will be to push through the negatives.

I fully believe that a person can write at any age and can make a successful break into freelance writing with the right amount of talent, determination and persistence.

How would YOU answer these questions?

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